League table for One Day Doubles Competition

Player PlayedWonLostForAgainstDiffPoints
Janice D/Rohan BJanice D/Rohan B43145242110
Chris H/Di CChris H/Di C43147272010
David M/Jill GDavid M/Jill G4224044-48
Nick R/Terry GNick R/Terry G4133349-166
Isti T/Pat CIsti T/Pat C4132546-216
Janice Doherty
Rohan Bedford

Chris Holden
Di Cherrie

Wooden Spoon
Isti Tandary
Pat Connolly

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Latest results

Date Team Score Score Team
29 JunNick R/Terry G13-10Isti T/Pat C
29 JunChris H/Di C13-1Isti T/Pat C
29 JunChris H/Di C13-7Nick R/Terry G
29 JunChris H/Di C13-6Janice D/Rohan B
29 JunIsti T/Pat C13-7David M/Jill G
29 JunJanice D/Rohan B13-1Isti T/Pat C
29 JunJanice D/Rohan B13-7David M/Jill G
29 JunJanice D/Rohan B13-3Nick R/Terry G
29 JunDavid M/Jill G13-8Chris H/Di C
29 JunDavid M/Jill G13-10Nick R/Terry G

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