League table for Lasses Doubles League

Player PlayedWonLostForAgainstDiffPoints
Janice D/Pat CJanice D/Pat C55065293615
Di C/Gaby CDi C/Gaby C54154391513
Carmen M/Jill GCarmen M/Jill G5325048211
Ann W/Lisa CAnn W/Lisa C5144557-127
Di V/Nick RDi V/Nick R5144254-127
Charmian M/Frances GCharmian M/Frances G3121736-195
Gillian H/Julie HGillian H/Julie H2021626-102
Janice Doherty
Pat Connolly

Di Cherrie
Gaby Channing

Wooden Spoon
Gillian Holmes
Julie Hope

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Latest results

Date Team Score Score Team
02 JunJanice D/Pat C13-10Gillian H/Julie H
29 MayDi V/Nick R13-2Charmian M/Frances G
26 MayCarmen M/Jill G13-8Ann W/Lisa C
26 MayJanice D/Pat C13-2Di C/Gaby C
26 MayJanice D/Pat C13-7Ann W/Lisa C
26 MayDi C/Gaby C13-8Di V/Nick R
20 MayJanice D/Pat C13-8Di V/Nick R
13 MayJanice D/Pat C13-2Carmen M/Jill G
06 MayCarmen M/Jill G13-8Di V/Nick R
06 MayCarmen M/Jill G13-6Gillian H/Julie H
06 MayDi C/Gaby C13-9Carmen M/Jill G
05 MayCharmian M/Frances G13-10Ann W/Lisa C
05 MayAnn W/Lisa C13-5Di V/Nick R
05 MayDi C/Gaby C13-2Charmian M/Frances G
05 MayDi C/Gaby C13-7Ann W/Lisa C

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