League table for One Day Triples Competition

Player PlayedWonLostForAgainstDiffPoints
David A/David M/Joe IDavid A/David M/Joe I55065362915
Laurent M/Rohan B/Terry GLaurent M/Rohan B/Terry G54164372713
Ann W/Janice D/Pat CAnn W/Janice D/Pat C53256401611
Di C/Gaby C/Mark CDi C/Gaby C/Mark C5232855-279
Chris V/Di V/Mike JChris V/Di V/Mike J5144755-87
Eddie K/Gillian H/Pat KEddie K/Gillian H/Pat K5052865-375
David Alfred
David Miller

Laurent Mathieu
Rohan Bedford
Terry Gibbons

Wooden Spoon
Eddie Kehoe
Gillian Holmes
Pat Kehoe

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Latest results

Date Team Score Score Team
29 JunChris V/Di V/Mike J13-3Eddie K/Gillian H/Pat K
29 JunDavid A/David M/Joe I13-10Ann W/Janice D/Pat C
29 JunDavid A/David M/Joe I13-7Chris V/Di V/Mike J
29 JunDavid A/David M/Joe I13-12Laurent M/Rohan B/Terry G
29 JunDavid A/David M/Joe I13-1Di C/Gaby C/Mark C
29 JunDavid A/David M/Joe I13-6Eddie K/Gillian H/Pat K
29 JunDi C/Gaby C/Mark C13-9Chris V/Di V/Mike J
29 JunDi C/Gaby C/Mark C13-7Eddie K/Gillian H/Pat K
29 JunAnn W/Janice D/Pat C13-3Eddie K/Gillian H/Pat K
29 JunAnn W/Janice D/Pat C13-0Di C/Gaby C/Mark C
29 JunAnn W/Janice D/Pat C13-11Chris V/Di V/Mike J
29 JunLaurent M/Rohan B/Terry G13-9Eddie K/Gillian H/Pat K
29 JunLaurent M/Rohan B/Terry G13-7Ann W/Janice D/Pat C
29 JunLaurent M/Rohan B/Terry G13-1Di C/Gaby C/Mark C
29 JunLaurent M/Rohan B/Terry G13-7Chris V/Di V/Mike J

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